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We share a passion for digital marketing, and a vision to help our clients become better digital marketers.

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As a media and digital agency, we do everything you’d expect of a skilled, professional operation. We devise marketing strategies, plan and manage media campaigns, analyse and optimise search accounts, and build pixel-perfect websites.

But we also do something exceptional. We help our clients become the best digital marketers in their industry. Through skills training, mentoring and ongoing advice, we help the people we work with become more confident, capable digital practitioners, giving them an edge over their competitors that lasts long after a campaign has ended.

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How We Help

We tilt the field in our clients' favour through the following specialised services:

Media Strategy, Planning and Buying

Our strategic approach to media is based on sound commercial acumen, and decades of practical experience.  Our team is highly skilled at running effective campaigns on the key local and global advertising platforms, reaching both domestic and international audiences.

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Search and Analytics

Paid Search is just one part of the digital media landscape, but it’s a highly specialised area that can drive powerful direct-response results. Our team are experienced, qualified Google Ads and Bing Ads practitioners. Tilt is a Google Premier Partner with specialties in Search, Display, Video and Shopping.

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Web Development

Our deep experience in web development gives us the flexibility to either build a pixel-perfect website in collaboration with your designers, or design and build websites from the ground up.

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Tilt is for businesses that expect a digital agency to go beyond fulfilling the brief, running a successful campaign and creating a one-off improvement.

If you want an agency that can genuinely transform your business’s digital capability, Tilt could be your perfect partner. We help clients tear down boundaries, up-skill staff and reshape themselves for digital success.


We’re very proud to help these brands, and the people driving them, continue to be digital marketing leaders in their industries.

All Blacks

APL Window Solutions

Delegat Wines

Dosh New Zealand

Elite Fitness

Gerard Roofs

GO Rentals

New Zealand Immigration




Universal Music Group

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Our Approach

Our agency was founded to work exclusively with clients who want to be the best digital marketers in their industry. Rising to that challenge requires turning the traditional agency relationship on its head.


Tilt offers a team of eight specialists, with a combined 100+ years of digital marketing experience.

Having this level of expertise as a core part of our business ensures projects run more smoothly, with fewer issues and quicker resolutions than the norm.


The only income Tilt makes is the explicit fee agreed with our clients. All media and third-party production costs are bought at net rates. No media margin, commission, or rebates are retained by Tilt.

In short, we’re a rare breed of agency: one that acts as a true, exclusive agent for our clients.

Professional Development

We’ve been training agency staff for years, and we know how to develop great digital practitioners.

We’ve made a commitment to hold nothing back, passing all our knowledge, and new learnings, on to our clients.

We are extremely proud that Tilt’s new type of agency model is flourishing, and our clients love what we are doing with their teams. Our client retention, and the strong recommendations we receive are testament to just how well Tilt’s model works for them.

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Leadership Team

Tilt's Managing Partners are highly experienced, hands-on marketers who work directly with our clients every day. It takes more than conventional digital marketing experience to deliver the Tilt difference.

John Schofield

John has played a major part in New Zealand’s digital media landscape since its inception. He is now a leading figure in the industry, and passionate about growing the effectiveness of digital marketing. His unique talent lies in understanding and delivering exactly what an organisation’s people need for success in the current marketing environment.

Andrew Simpson

Andrew has over a decade of extensive experience in creating and running large-scale digital campaigns. He has a proven track record of measurable results for complex corporate marketers balancing multiple brands and objectives. Andrew effortlessly unpacks the complex digital ecosystem into simple, understandable options for marketers.

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Media Partnerships

Tilt are a Google Premium Partner, Meta Business Partner, Microsoft Advertising Partner and TikTok Elite Partner along with other leading advertising platforms.

We’re also accredited with key media publishers in New Zealand and internationally, and have been an appointed supplier of marketing consultancy services to New Zealand Government agencies since 2016.